Predictable Lead Times

With granular and real-time production backlogs, you can advise customers on delivery timing with a high degree of confidence. Being the reliable supplier in town pays off with long- term contracts!

More Productivity

Balance production across several production lines and generate schedules for everything in the plant to keep all people and capital at maximum production. Batch similar production to eliminate processing change overs.

Save Time

With real-time visibility on all orders, the entire plant can be scheduled in minutes from anywhere! With 1 click all devices in the plant reflect the latest priority, eliminating all time spent distributing schedules to the floor.

Capacity Planning & Scheduling

Learn about Steelhead's comprehensive scheduling tools, including schedule boards, task scheduling methods, and detailed capacity planning features, in this overview of the system's capabilities for efficient workflow management.


Tired of constantly updating paper/verbal schedules?

What if your entire plant marched to a single drumbeat, that you set from your phone at the ball game? It is time to take plant scheduling to the next level with next generation tools.

Missing production lead time commitments?

Visualize all open work in your plant, down to specific pieces of equipment! Provide customers with data driven timing estimates and execute a schedule designed to hit those estimates!

Is it difficult to balance production across multiple lines?

In one real-time platform, view production across the entire plant, and reroute work on the fly.

Does your management team meet every day to schedule work?

While meetings are great, the Steelhead tool will allow these meetings to be much more strategic in nature, not spending time determining the status of orders, capacity, and the specific of the schedule.

"The ability to have a work order list setup weekly is crucial."

The communication between me, the Manager, and the guys on the floor is clear and the jobs are getting done in the correct order due. 

Marcus Walters, Custom Powder Coating