Give Your Customers a World Class Experience

Your customers expect a seamless digital experience, it is time to deliver! Phone calls, emails, and not knowing drive your customers crazy as they anxiously wait to get their parts back. Build trust and dramatically reduce the time they need to get an answer.

Reduce Phone Calls & Emails

Spending time on the phone is expensive. Each time the phone rings with customers inquiring on order status or looking for documents, you should be seeing dollars evaporate. With a great customer experience, they are not calling you in the first place! Save this time and money for something else!

Gain the Competitive Advantage

Customers care about price, lead time, and quality above pretty much everything. But if 2 shops are comparable on all of these, which to choose? The easiest one to work with! Imagine showcasing a live portal to your key prospects and customers. They will love the transparency and customer experience! 

Enhance Your Customer Experience with the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal offers your clients seamless access to their orders, work updates, quotes, certifications, shipping details, invoices, and easy communication with you, their trusted vendor.


  • Superior Service: Deliver a more efficient and faster customer experience.
  • Cost Reduction: Minimize costly inbound calls.
  • Quick Resolutions: Provide answers faster and more effectively.

Self-Service Made Simple Empower your customers with the ability to access all their engagement details anytime, anywhere. Self-service is the best service!



Tired of triaging customer service calls?

Questions like: “Where are my parts? Are they done yet? Did you receive them yet?” can all be addressed by the customer in a few clicks, right from their phone or computer. Not only is this a superior experience for your customers, it saves you time and money! 

Do you waste time tracking down documents for customers?

Documents for Quote, POs, Shippers, Invoices, and Quality documents can all be accessed directly by the customer, eliminating even more phone calls and providing next level organization, service, and traceability to customers. 

Tired of explaining why your shop is different to sales prospects?

Show them! When your process sample parts, set  up the portal, send them the login, and watch them ooh and ahh over the real-time insight they have of their parts being processed. This will also immediately build all important TRUST with customers. 


Is your team constantly getting pulled away from tasks to answer customer inquiries?

Keep yourself and your team focused on your business, not the administrative errands of your customers. Focus on growing your team, quality, production, or 100 other things! 

Provide Your Customers with an Amazon-Like Experience

"I used to answer at least a dozen calls a day from customers... with the customer portal, I don't have to triage nearly as many inquiries because they all have access to order updates and documentation in their Customer Portal."

"The Customer Portal is the biggest game changer in Steelhead's platform."

COO, Custom Coatings