Save Time

Walking the plant, phone calls, texts, interrupting others. This constant effort to determine the real-time status of all parts in the plant can be a massive time sink for the entire team.

Improve Service

You are on vacation at the camp. A big customer calls. You put your phone on speaker, find the job on your phone, and get them an answer before you hang up the phone!

Find it Fast

No more calling your admin staff, searching through file cabinets or files on your computer. With all records available on any device via lighting fast global search and complete cross referencing, finding what you are looking for is a breeze.

How to Find Parts & Info

Steelhead's manufacturing ERP makes it effortless to find parts and other information for your customers! This tool not only ensures prompt responses to customer inquiries but also enhances overall job shop efficiency, contributing to customer and staff satisfaction.


Spending time and money storing paper records?

Paper is expensive, time consuming, and very burdensome to reference later. Make the big change to go paperless and you will never look back.

Do you call your staff asking for documents?

Save your time and stop distracting your team. All records and production history is only a few clicks away.

Tired of having zero traceability on production?

Quickly find any past work order and determine: Who worked on the part? When? What equipment? What were the equipment settings when they were run?

Do you struggle to quickly address customer document requests?

Can you send me that shipper from last month? Can you confirm how many parts we sent on the last order? Address these questions and many others in seconds, from any device.

"Steelhead showcases very well and ultimately can be used as a sales tool."

Kevin Wedge, Pro Powder