Our Secret to Success

Steelhead is so much more than software.

A Steelhead deployment is a very special time for a plant, and nothing short of a highly trained Steelhead Deployment Engineer is required to make it a success!

With nuanced custom automation built on the newest coding functionality, the Steelhead implementation is a great time to automate these tasks in your Steelhead environment: 

  • Quoting
  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling
  • PDFs
  • Predictive Inventory
  • Instruction
  • Reporting
  • and more...

Exercised fully, these Power Tools can significantly reduce the overhead required to operate your plant.

The team will support you every step of the way until you feel ready to transition into the Customer Success team. Our Deployment Engineers are the best, coming from leading technical universities and ready to work for you! Are you ready?



Deployments at Steelhead

Wondering what happens after you sign the dotted line? Don't worry, we will be with you every step of the way with our extremely detailed implementation process. This way, you'll be set up for success as quickly as possible as we kick things off.


Tired of working with vendors who are not engaged or competent?

Your business and team deserve to work with the best. With a change this critical to your business, insist on the best.

Expecting your ERP deployment to take most of the year? Think again!

Steelhead can get your production fully digital in a few weeks and quickly follow on with buildouts in Maintenance, Inventory, QMS, Quoting, Invoicing, Reporting, and more!

World-Class Talent Supporting Your Deployment

According to Deloitte, 70% of all IT implementations fail because of resources. Make the most of your valuable time and money with a certified Steelhead Deployment Engineer leading your plant into the future!

Gain Expert Insight

Steelhead's Deployment Engineers are exposed to plants working towards the ideal way to run a job shop. Leverage their wisdom to make your ideas come to life with a collaborative partner to get the job done!

Launch Fast

Your time is valuable and long projects increase the risk of failure. Steelhead Engineers are fully dedicated to your account during launch. This means you can have multiple meetings, call at any time, and otherwise overcome all challenges and questions to power through this massive update to your plant!

Steelhead Shatters Industry Norms with 36-Hour ERP Deploy

The deployment process took 36 hours led by a team of seven deployment engineers under the leadership of the metal finishing shop owner.

Raising Manufacturing ERP Industry Standards

The historic 36-hour deployment sets a new industry standard, highlighting the exceptional speed and efficiency of Steelhead's leading-edge manufacturing job shop software. Backed by a team of skilled engineers, cutting-edge technology, and the latest low-code functionality for unparalleled customization, Steelhead is changing the game for manufacturers of all sizes.

As part of this groundbreaking deployment, A1 Paint, Powder & Sandblasting LLC was armed with a comprehensive inventory audit to capture real data and enhance traceability, setting a new standard for precision in their operations. 

Jeff Halonen, CEO and onsite product engineer during the deployment, expressed his satisfaction with the project's progress, stating, "Deploying Steelhead in 36 hours is a demonstration not only of the power of Steelhead but its ease of use, especially when deployed by a team of dedicated Engineers. The team works through problem after problem, quickly iterating to an optimal system that matches the customer to fit like a glove. Also, by deploying in just two days, the customer avoids opportunity cost and distraction!" 

Frank Laster, President at A1 Paint, Powder & Sandblasting LLC, praised the experience, stating, "The opportunity to work through specific processes has been very enriching. The fact that we get to collaborate with the developers and build something tailored to help us improve our company far outweighs any blueprint solution." 


"The deployment process has been quite easy... I've dealt with other software over the years and this deployment has been wonderful."

Sydney Kossowski, Co-Owner & Office Manager