Managing Inventory in Steelhead

No more running out of important items that prevent you from doing jobs. Get jobs done faster and better with record-breaking lead times when you manage inventory in our plant operating platform.


With a single platform running your whole plant, inventory is depleted in real-time, down to the batch and job being run. Track who used what material, when, and for which job. Quote and issue POs with confidence from anywhere, knowing your true inventory levels and costs. 


Eliminate hand-populated inventory sheets out on the plant floor and the manual entry that comes with updating your system. Eliminate all time spent walking the inventory room, just trying to determine how much of each material is on hand. Track expiration dates and issue POs all from the same live system. 


Using a single real-time, plant-wide platform, your production team can deplete inventory in real-time, keeping inventory up to date as well as associating material usage with a job to better inform the quoting team. If certifications require, you can automatically track which batch, expiration dates, etc. was used, and generate a certification automatically. 

Do you track inventory on paper or spreadsheets?

Handwriting and excel sheets are always 2 steps behind reality, take loads of effort to maintain, and are not connected to anything else. Imagine having your production, quoting, certifications, and purchasing all tied to the same real-time inventory system. 

Not sure if you are estimating supply usage correctly?

If you don’t know, you don’t know. Stop losing money on poorly quoted jobs by tracking all consumables tied directly to each job. Run an automated report to investigate jobs that poorly perform vs target.  

Constantly checking fluctuating material costs when quoting?

The cost of every component of production is volatile. Save time and money by automatically calculating part cost by quoting in a system where quoting and inventory are tightly integrated. 

Tired of running out of inventory?

Set up automatic re-order alerts so you are always on top of your game. No more delaying or missing work due to inadequate stores. 


Inventory includes all supplies and materials on hand for the manufacturing of your products and typically includes items like paint, powder, and tape that are applied to parts and consumed during production.
Inventory Types are your categories of inventory. Each inventory type includes one or more Inventory Item(s). For example, if you are a paint shop, an inventory type would be Paint.
Inventory Items are tracked in your inventory. For example, if you are a paint shop and the inventory type is Paint, the inventory items within the paint type might include colors like red, blue, and green.
Inventory Quantities shows how much of the Inventory Item you have on hand. This will help you track when you are running low and need to order more of an item.
Inventory Thresholds and Alerts appear on the Inventory Types page to notify you of low inventory.
Recipes created in Steelhead are tied to your inventory to track specific mixtures required for orders which can be edited to customize work orders.  
Treatments are abstract events that are performed upon a Part, such as Bake. Treatments can be tied to inventory as well.
Batches allow you to increase the quantity of your inventory shown in Steelhead by adding a batch.

"Stand-alone quality, inventory, and labeling paperwork are now built into our production process in Steelhead. That opens the door for real-time reports from Steelhead."

– Kevin Wedge, Pro Powder