“I like that Steelhead can take the invoicing that I do and convert it automatically into QuickBooks. I am also able to see when customers are emailed their invoices and when they open their invoices.”

Invoice Faster

It takes seconds to sort and filter to the jobs that you need to invoice. A few more clicks and the invoice is automatically sent to both your customer and your accounting software.

Eliminate Data Entry

With digital shippers in Steelhead flowing into Invoicing and then into accounting, there is no need to re key data!

Invoice Your Way

A flexible architecture allows partial invoices and invoicing for parts still on the floor, all while avoiding any sticky notes or confusion!

Easy Invoicing in Steelhead

Experience the power of Steelhead's manufacturing ERP by learning the process of selecting items for invoicing, creating invoices, reviewing, sending, finalizing, and syncing with accounting software.


Spending too much time entering invoice data?

Eliminate all data entry, as information flows through from production, to the customer, and automatically into accounting.

Does your invoice “to do” list rely on physical shippers and other forms?

Eliminate time spent communicating information and relying on missing/incomplete forms, as Steelhead is one streamlined system.

"Being responsive in a service industry is critical."

Steelhead has allowed me to promptly respond to many customer questions... even while working offsite.

Kevin Wedge, Pro Powder