Multiply your net margins when your team goes from almost zero data to highly granular and actionable insights in Steelhead. No more money wasted on jobs that are costing more than your price. 


With a handle on profitability, productivity, quality, and more, the fun part of plant management can start. Shift your focus to sales and marketing to see your job shop grow. 


Customers will better understand pricing with details about why they are receiving a specific price and minimum order quantity. They want the best price for them too, pushing affordability and quality. 

Job Costing & Margin Analytics

Identify poor-performing margins and much more to increase customer satisfaction and boost profits. Ask about our ability to job-cost automated lines, too!


Are you using an “educated guess” to determine your end cost of each work order for your customers? 

One Steelhead customer saw their gross profit margin quickly climb from 5% to 35%. How? By tracking work orders accordingly in a digital interface and regularly reviewing these costs.

If you’re like most job shops, you are taking a stab at guessing the approximate cost per work order to come up with a cost for each customer. These estimates for work orders are seldom an accurate representation of the actual cost of the job. This creates unstable profit margins and before you know it you are losing tens of thousands, month over month.

The job shop mentioned was shocked to uncover areas of wasted spend and under charging their customers. With Steelhead’s help… 

  • They used actual plant data to adjust time estimates on masking and packaging, improving the accuracy of future quotes. 
  • They reviewed jobs with negative margins and re-quoted subsequent runs to achieve target margins that made sense. 
  • They examined job cost data on small jobs and adjusted the minimum job pricing accordingly to make it affordable for their customers.  
  • They discovered optimal quantities for parts, worked with customers to identify target quantities to maintain customer piece cost, and simultaneously hit target margins.  

Do you know how much your work orders cost you? 

When was the last time to took a look underneath the hood of your job costs? It is suggested that plants run monthly reviews of production costs down to the product and operator.

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Steelhead proved that for a certain part number, we lose money if we run 50. If we run 100, we hit our target margin.

I took this information to the customer, and now they only send this part number in quantities of 100 or greater. This keeps their piece price down and our margins up! A true win-win.

Ken, Sales Project Manager