Full Visibility & Control

Provide detailed, digital instructions for your team to guarantee quality and customer satisfaction. 

Profit Tracking & Job Costing

Know exactly which jobs profitable and which ones are costing you so you can focus on making money, not losing it. 

Real-Time Data Visibility

Check on the progress of your facility from anywhere with mobile access to real-time data to make informed decisions.

Designed to Make You More Money

Access a suite of features that cater to your most pressing goals. 

1. Succession Planning 

Planning for the future is crucial for the longevity and success of your facility. Steelhead provides tools to facilitate seamless succession planning with Comprehensive Reporting, Talent Management, and Customized Training Modules.

2. Retirement & Less Work 

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your facility is in good hands, even when you step back, with Automated Processes, Remote Management, and Planning and Delegation Tools.

3. More Freedom 

Reclaim your time and achieve the work-life balance you've always wanted, with: Efficient Operations, Real-Time Data Access, and Scalable Solutions.

Experience the freedom, efficiency, and peace of mind our software solution offers. Empower your facility with the tools it needs to thrive today and into the future. 

Supporting #1 Team with #1 Software Solutions

"We have had a target margin and with the Steelhead software, we found out that there is a lot margin out there than we had anticipated, and it has really made our profitability explosive."


Multi-Plant Traceability From the Palm of Your Hand

Rob Thomas shares his experience going from spreadsheets to the all-in-one digital hub, being able to see everything in one interface. 

Know Exactly How Much Your Jobs are Costing You

"Previously we had to remember everything. Steelhead has reduced our collective administrative duties... my stress levels are way lower."

Worried your team won't be able to learn a new tool?

\You’re not alone. That is why we designed Steelhead’s job shop software to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, training Operators in just 10-minutes! Access the icon-based dashboard to eliminate translation concerns and utilize our FAQ training docs anytime. 

Afraid of workflow hiccups caused by a new ERP?

You have orders to process and quality to maintain, don’t let another clunky old ERP system interfere. With Steelhead, you’ll have a streamlined approach and access to moving parts on your production floor in just two weeks!

Wondering if this investment will have a powerful ROI?

We are serious about efficiency and where you invest your money, including if it is with us. Contact our sales team for a core ROI analysis and they will uncover all areas with a soft and hard dollar return when you leverage Steelhead’s visibility, job costing, and reporting features.

Are you hesitant to learn another new software?

Our Deployment Engineers will be with you every step of the way to streamline your software implementation and training process. Take advantage of Steelhead University to learn more about how to use the software and access a live Customer Support representative when you need it most.

"I know where we stand all the time on the work we are doing."

Before Steelhead, I had no idea if we made or lost money on a job. That's terrifying!

Julian Carpenter, Owner of Beans Best Manufacturing