Benefits of running your machining shop on Steelhead

Reporting and Profitability 
Machining job shops can track the time each employee spends preparing and executing each step in the process, allowing you to closely monitor profitability at each job and make informed changes to pricing. Keep your profit margins in check and plug any leaks in your labor expenses. You name it, Steelhead can report on it. No more late nights creating production or profit summaries for the owner – they can see it all in real time! 
Capacity Planning and Scheduling 
Manage production schedules from a single live platform with capacity planning. Batch your production for maximum production efficiency and adapt schedules in real time to react to customer demands. 

Quoting and Estimating 
Estimate jobs in seconds with custom estimation algorithms that quote based off your specific process. Quickly generate a beautiful quote and send directly to the customer in 1 click, while tracking open rates, conversion rates, and other sales data! 

“People pretend to know what we do, your team really is in our world."

“Steelhead is very easy to use. I would say that it is very straightforward for even a new guy like me that came in just a month ago to confidently get my work done throughout the day.”

 – Ian Gifford, Operator