Maintenance Management in Steelhead

Maintenance is crucial in job shops to ensure equipment efficiency, reliability, quality control, safety, and prolonged equipment lifespan. Now you can manage maintenance digitally in Steelhead with proof of records for management and auditing purposes.

Improve Up Time & Quality

Disciplined maintenance saves time and money. Avoid downtime and quality spills by keeping your equipment and chemicals in tip-top shape!

Update Inventory & Digital Sensors in Real Time

Keep inventory up to date by depleting inventory as maintenance tasks are completed! Update virtual sensors for humidity, temperature, and more, with measured values automatically referenced in workflows. 

Train & Track Operators

Improve maintenance plan execution with step-by-step smart instruction. Ensure schedules are maintained with alerts and track completion of tasks, measurements, and more! 

Poor maintenance driving downtime and quality issues?

Schedule, assign, and track maintenance events in a single spot. No more weeks of missed maintenance. 

Running your maintenance on spreadsheets and binders? 

No access to data. Limited traceability. Costly to run. It is time to ditch the paper and reap the rewards! 

Struggling to train in more people on how to do maintenance? 

With a beautiful digital interface, smart step-step instructions, pictures, diagrams, and files, your maintenance new hires will be up to speed in no time! 

Tired of updating several systems with the same information?

You are running a maintenance check and you need to use inventory or record a line check. This data should be automatically updated in inventory and on production orders. This is the power of an integrated platform! 

Simplify Maintenance with Steelhead

Preventative Maintenance: Proactive approach to address potential issues and reduce downtime.

  • Users can effortlessly create and manage maintenance events.
  • Tasks assigned, files uploaded, and activities recorded digitally.
  • Ensures critical tasks are completed on time and documented.

Daily Line Checks: Essential for maintaining equipment quality, production throughput, and cost control.

  • Platform facilitates comprehensive line checks with step-by-step instructions.
  • Users can record sensor measurements and manage inventory within the platform.

Ad Hoc Repairs: Simplifies handling unexpected equipment failures.

  • Users can quickly create maintenance steps, attach files, and provide detailed instructions.
  • Ensures efficient repairs, minimizing downtime and disruption to production.

Planned Maintenance Events: Seamless integration with production scheduling for optimized uptime.

  • Users can schedule downtime, specify duration, and set recurrence patterns.
  • Coordination with production schedules minimizes disruptions and maximizes productivity.

Sensor Dashboards: Offers comprehensive dashboards to monitor key statistics in real-time.

  • Users can customize dashboards to track pH levels, temperature, and more.
  • Provides insights into equipment performance, empowering data-driven decisions.

"Steelhead has made production at our shop smooth and seamless. Going from manual paper order entry to this software has dramatically changed the game."

Marcus Walters, Custom Powder Coating