Send Quotes in Minutes

We will code detailed, robust algorithms into the software to allow for you quickly input details and result in a quick and efficient, professional quote, emailed directly to your customer - instead of working in spreadsheets, PDFs and multiple email threads.

Effortless Customer Service

Offer the Customer Portal to allow your customers access to documentation instead of troubling the front office with multiple phone calls each day. Customers will have access to any invoice, order, quote, and communications in the portal.

Impressive, Instant Documentation

Impress new customers and rest assured that all documentation is created carefully in Steelhead with automation to ensure a quality look and feel and leave an impression that lasts for an unforgettably professional experience.

Streamlined Workflows for Sales, Admins and Managers

Efficiency and accuracy are key to winning more projects and retaining customers. Here is how you can drive excitement and deliver outstanding value: 

1. Save Time with Automation 

Streamline your quoting process and eliminate manual data entry with Automated Quoting, No More Spreadsheets and Fast, Detailed Quotes.

2. Win More Projects, Faster 

Impress clients with fast, professional quotes and improve your win rate with Speedy Quoting, Professional Presentation and Increased Win Rates.

3. Retain Repeat Customers 

Deliver a world-class experience and build long-lasting relationships with your clients with Premium Customer Portal, Exceptional Service, and Consistent Quality.

Transform your sales and estimating process along with your customer service duties with Steelhead, designed to help you save time, win more projects, and retain loyal customers. 


Easy Deployment, Helpful Training Opportunities

"I love the fact that Steelhead works well and it has helped us to go from the stone age to the digital age... the best thing I like about the software is quoting."

Accounting Integration Saves Time & Energy

"Being able to put all of the documents that we need in one place to locate them and find information as quickly as possible has helped us a lot. I like that I can see when customers were emailed their invoices, when they viewed the invoice, and when it is sent over to QuickBooks."

Quality Management Made Easy

Tyler was exhausted by learning the lingo, processes, and inventory numbers in his quality role. Steelhead took the headaches away with traceability and control, saving 2-3 hours every day.

Wondering if Steelhead will connect with your accounting software?

Steelhead's team of software engineers have been busy creating robust workflows to integrate with your accounting systems, making payroll and invoicing a piece of cake. Book a time with our sales engineers for a custom demo. 

Afraid of workflow hiccups caused by a new ERP?

You have orders to process and quality to maintain, don’t let another clunky old ERP system interfere. With Steelhead, you’ll have a streamlined approach and access to moving parts on your production floor in just two weeks!

Wondering if this investment will have a powerful ROI?

We are serious about efficiency and where you invest your money, including if it is with us. Contact our sales team for a core ROI analysis and they will uncover all areas with a soft and hard dollar return when you leverage Steelhead’s visibility, job costing, and reporting features.

Are you hesitant to learn another new software?

Our Deployment Engineers will be with you every step of the way to streamline your software implementation and training process. Take advantage of Steelhead University to learn more about how to use the software and access a live Customer Support representative when you need it most.

"Before Steelhead, you would have to track down paperwork that was a few months old..."

It's a lot easier now. It saves me about 2 to 3 hours each day, which is huge."

Tyler Burge, Quality Manager