Visibility and control at your fingertips

Steelhead’s cloud-based technology gives you the opportunity to digitize and streamline every step of your metal finishing process. Our software for plating shops allows operators to send quotes, add work orders, include product recipes, track the movement of parts, send packing slips and invoices, train operators, automatically generate reports, and reprioritize jobs all with the tap of a finger.

We don't have to waste time wading through a sea of manila in our filing cabinets. We don't have to worry about human error, and losing/misplacing improperly filed quotes. All our quotes are in one place, accessible by only authorized users."

Eva Curato, Ace Anodizing


What to expect

Transition your metal finishing shop in as little as two weeks! Quickly build out your data, workflows, customer notifications, and reports, and start your growth journey with our dedicated team of experts!


Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Enjoy premium customer support, with real people from the U.S. assigned to your specific account to jump on a call or personally visit your plating shop and answer every question you have.

Automatic Reports & Margin Analytics

Make better decisions faster with fully custom, automatic reports for your metal finishing company. Production, Profit, Quality, Sales, Rework, and much more with the click of a button.

Grow your profits and your business with the truth in your back pocket. When your sales team knows that you made or lost money with our Margin Analytics, they can manage customers with confidence.

Real insights. Real results.

"Steelhead proved that for a certain part number, we lose money if we run 50.

If we run 100, we hit our target margin. I took this information to the customer, and now they only send this part number in quantities of 100 or greater. This keeps their piece price down and our margins up! A true win-win."

- Ken, Sales Project Manager

Improve Profitability & Grow Your Business

Watch the video to discover how a metal finishing facility based in the midwest is making more money, faster with Steelhead.

Featured Solution

Ace Anodizing, an Illinois-based metal finishing company, deployed Steelhead's powder coating software in just a couple of weeks.

"I cannot speak highly enough about all the ways Steelhead has improved our quoting process. The list of benefits continues to grow the longer we continue to utilize the quoting module."

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"It tracks margins for the potential to see millions of dollars per year in profitability. Not only is the technology powerful, but Steelhead has gone above and beyond to meet our needs while surpassing our wildest expectations."

Marcus Walters, Custom Powder Coating