Steelhead is a highly customizable, cloud-based platform that offers a modern solution to managing a powder coating company.

The Steelhead platform is an all-in-one solution that provides management with data analysis, process control, employee tracking, and customer communication, to name a few. While providing all this power to the enterprise, it provides your operators with real-time part-specific instructions, an easy way to add quality data, all while being very easy to use.

Our cloud-based technology gives your team the ability to upload racking photos or photo outgoing shipments, from tablets or cell phones. The team is able to send quotes, add work orders, update product recipes and colors, track movement of parts, send packing slips and invoices, and reprioritize and reschedule jobs with a few taps of the finger on their phones!

Steelhead was built specifically for process manufacturing like powder coating. We saw the pains in the industry and developed our software specifically to alleviate them. Once Steelhead is implemented in your business, you will see an increase in profitability, product quality improvement, and spend less time managing production.

Why Steelhead? (PDF)

Powerful growth

D&K Powder has seen transformational value with the Steelhead Platform

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Saving Time As An Operations Manager

"You literally just click a button, a cert is auto-generated, you sign it on the screen, and send it to your customer. It streamlines it so fast.”

Streamlined operations at Wildwood

Wildwood Coatings went digital quickly and easily on Steelhead!

Quality Management Made Easy

"Steelhead saves me about 2-3 hours a day which is huge. You can see if someone made a mistake in the process, including who it was, it makes everything so much more streamlined. So much easier."

Benefits of managing a powder coating plant with Steelhead

Reporting and profitability
Powder coaters can track the time each employee spent on preparing and executing each step in the process, allowing you to closely monitor profitability on each job and make informed changes on pricing to reflect it. You name it, Steelhead can report on it – and with no effort from you! It just pulls the data from your travelers! No more late nights creating production or profit summaries for the owner – he or she can see it all real time!

Racking and packing instructions
You will be able to upload specific racking and packing instructions for each part number that will be automatically shown when that number is processed. This also will apply to packing, specific instructions will be shown to eliminate error and simplify the process.

Racking of parts
In real life, multiple part numbers, work orders, and even multiple customers are put on to a single rack. In Steelhead, we do the same! This allows for easy movement of many parts through the plant in a single click, while maintaining cost tracking and quality on all parts!

Inventory management
Inventory is maintained in one live, cloud-based platform, integrated into quoting, production and reporting. Quote jobs that automatically reference the latest cost. Deplete inventory in real-time and associate the cost to specific jobs. Run real time and historical reports to maintain visibility on this critical part of operations.


You will be able to easily give a robust promise date on a new order based, with a quick glance at your powder Inventory dashboard, and your Production dashboard – you know when you can deliver that order. You will enjoy being able see all upcoming paint colors so you can easily batch them for optimal efficiency.


Whether it's racking parts, batching production, reworking parts, tracking powder use, or instructing a new team member on plugging, Steelhead is built to run YOUR power coating plant.


Quotes, shippers, and invoices all sent to the customer with the press of a button! When the customer calls to discuss a quote from 8 months ago, our powerful search function in Steelhead finds it instantly for you.

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"It shows us our strengths and our ability to improve overall efficiencies. Not only is the technology powerful, but Steelhead has gone above and beyond to meet our needs, while surpassing our wildest expectations. The relationship we have developed has been instrumental in both teams’ growth and implementation of the program.”