Let Steelhead Engineers build out customized automation workflows for each key area of your business. With the many hours saved each week, you can focus on growing your business! 


After great quality, price, and turnaround time, customers also want great SERVICE! Turn around quotes in minutes, not days. Accommodate those infuriating custom formatting requests on invoices with ease! Saying “Yes” and being responsive is always a hit with customers. 


Humans manually entering information, using calculators, excel sheets, and word processing make mistakes. A lot. Set up robust automation flows to eliminate the number of times a human is involved in processing standard work. 

Tired of paperwork and data entry?

Quoting, Invoicing, Workflow, and Maintenance plans take loads of time to create, review, and process for each job. Humans make mistakes. Jobs are lost when response times are too long. Focus on the big picture and your people! 

Is your business "too complex" to automate?

Think again. Steelhead hires exclusively Engineers to deploy in your plant for this very reason. We understand that different processes will drive various processing times and costs. We get it. That 1 customer wants everything different than everyone else. This is where Steelhead leads in deploying Power Tools! 

Are 20% of your orders causing 80% of the pain?

Eliminate that pain with purpose-built, 100% customized automation. Fix each problem just one time. Not every single day. 

Are key tasks dependent on 1 person?

Whether it is an owner, admin, or manager, when entire workflows reside in someone’s mind, serious issues can occur. Growth of the team is painfully slow and if that individual leaves, the team is left high and dry. Build legacy knowledge into a robust, automated workflow.

"Overall Steelhead has been a great addition for us and in a very short period of time has increased efficiency, throughput and visibility throughout the shop."

Aaron Edelheit, Commercial Powder Coating