Your return on investment with Steelhead’s job shop operating system can be calculated on a call or via an in person consultation.

Pulling the trigger on a new system can put anyone on edge. With all the what-ifs involved, you have to make sure the return is worth the investment while mitigating any risk. Because we know you are going to love our platform; Steelhead offers ZERO up-front costs or long term commitment—an unheard-of perk in the MES and ERP space.  

We'll help you calculate your ROI through: 

  • Hours ($) saved with streamlined and automated operations 
  • Higher margins with better quoting and actionable job cost data 
  • Reduced lead times with live capacity planning and instant scheduling 
  • Higher quality and less rework with operator instruction and real time production data 
  • Improved customer service with automated notifications, customer portal, and faster service 
  • Saved time and reduced waste with excellent inventory management 

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No Up-Front Cost 

Concerned about paying a large up-front cost, just to realize after that it does not work? Us too! By eliminating any up-front cost, Steelhead dramatically lowers risk and capital costs. 

Lightning-Fast Implementation 

Most systems take months to deploy. Get Steelhead deployed at your plant in as little as two weeks, and train your operators in minutes, all included in your subscription fee. 


Commit to us by choice, never locked into an extended time period (the industry norm is a 12-mo contract) 

Time Savings in US Job Shops 

Hours of in-depth operational discussions and plant walks of 150+ plants in powder coating, anodizing, heat treating, e-coating, plating, and other finishing shops, have revealed startling numbers:

  • On average, 3 hours are spent daily servicing customer calls and emails for order updates and information, lost documents, etc.
  • From production and the front office teams, a collective average of 14 hours per day are spent physically tracking down parts  
  • Collectively, operators spend 3 hours per day finding information on how to process parts  
  • On average, manual data entry amounts to 8 hours daily (invoicing) and another 4 hours daily (generating shipping documents)  
  • Order entry is not streamlined and accounts for approximately 4 hours per day  
  • On average, estimating teams spend close to 3 hours daily deriving pricing and generating proposals. This is often senior leadership time and gets pushed to evenings and weekends.  
  • Schedulers typically spend 28 minutes prepping to schedule, 17 minutes to generate, and 15 minutes to distribute for a total of over 2 hours daily  

What will you do with the time you will save?

Unlocking time for your team enables: 

  • Increased personal development and training   
  • Improved customer service, yielding happier customers  
  • Increased efficiency and throughput   
  • Happier, healthier (mentally and physically) employees  
  • Consistent focus on sales, marketing, and business strategy 

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All subscriptions are designed to include:

  • Continual access to world’s best job shop management system 
  • Full deployment support  
  • On-call USA-based customer service 
  • Data migration services 
  • Technical consultation on best practices 
  • Turnkey Cyber Security on AWS Gov Cloud