“With me not being there physically doing the work any longer, being able to actually see what work happened – I love it. Now I have a picture in Steelhead, I have the data in Steelhead, I can give that to my customers and there’s no question. This is it. Perfect.”

Better Decisions with Better Data

Super easy and intuitive operator interfaces enable granular and real-time tracking of production. Track Profitability, Productivity, Quality and more in a single streamlined platform.

More Productivity

With schedules and instructions presented to operators in real time, there is never a question on what to work on next! Point-of-use operator instructions allow new team members to become more productive, faster!


Picture and video operator instructions enhance first time through quality. Streamlined traceability of re-work allows for quick resolution. Detailed tracking of production data enables predictive maintenance.

Production Workboards in Steelhead

Operators use these workboards to manage tasks. They can view parts in specific areas and easily transition them to the next station using the "Move Parts" button with one click!


Not sure if each job is profitable?

Granular production data has many impacts, but perhaps none greater than tracking margins! In our experience it is very common to underestimate variable labor on tasks such as masking, packaging, blasting, grinding, ect. Time to go on the offensive and lead your plant in a more profitable way!

Do operations struggle when you take a day off?

Operators can rely on a single live platform to answer the usual questions: What should I work on next? How do you want me to run these? How do I process these parts? Do we have an instruction sheet for this job?

Struggling to find parts quickly?

Steelhead's streamlined production process enables real-time visibility on where every part is and every detail on historical production steps. Eliminate walks to the floor, phone calls to line leads, and digging through paper.

Not sure how much re-work you have, or who/what is to blame?

Actionable data on re-work can be hugely valuable when issues with parts, process, personnel, and equipment are corrected quickly. Steelhead re-work traceability can help you quickly triangulate on the trouble areas!

Easy for Operators

No more chasing down paperwork from station to station. Operators enjoy the UI with clear options... but don't just take our word for it. Watch this video to hear from Operators on Steelhead.

"While utilizing Steelhead we have increased visibility in all areas of our process, this includes remote and offsite visibility."

"Stand-alone quality, inventory, and labeling paperwork are now built into our production process in Steelhead. That opens the door for much more detailed job tracking, job costing, and reporting…all done using built-in, real-time reports from Steelhead." 

Kevin Wedge, Pro Powder