Improve Profit

Data is powerful. What if you knew that you were LOSING money on a job? Would you run it again? Would you be excited when your customer tripled their volume? Steelhead has demonstrated an ability to MULTIPLY net margins when a team goes from almost zero data to highly granular and actionable insights.

Save Time

Fully custom reports can be built right in the Steelhead platform. Track live margin data at the part level and run reports on just about anything: Productivity, Operator Performance, Re-Work, Lead Time Performance, and much more. All reports refresh with the click of a button, eliminating hours per day/week compiling information into actionable insights.

Grow Your Business

With a handle on profitability, productivity, quality, and more, the fun part of plant management can start. With the profit and time to invest, you can pursue a new market, buy new equipment, recruit a new team member, rebuild your website, or do whatever you need to get to the next level!

Steelhead's Watch Tower

The Watch Tower and production reports are pivotal tools in day-to-day operations, enhancing overall efficiency. The Watch Tower is a real-time dashboard that provides an overview of all the active parts in your plant. With the Watch Tower, you can see all active orders by filtering by: 

  • Customer 
  • Treatment 
  • Date 
  • Process Step 
  • Deadline 
  • Invoiced Status 
  • and much more...  

Production and Inventory Consumption reports can be pulled to see exactly how much money is on the floor, at any location or station, for any customer, at any time. 

If you have reports on your production backlog, the Watch Tower is the solution you've been waiting for.



Tired of losing money on jobs?

Track EVERY job to ensure that the winners are indeed winners. There are few things that can restrict the success of your business more than running jobs that lose money. These jobs occupy your people, equipment, resources, and energy. Worse still, they take the time/space that could be used to delight the customer with highly profitable work.

Tired of just WISHING you knew?

How many parts went through that line before maintenance was needed? How many re-works do we have in a month? Who is our most profitable customer? Which operators are performing well and which need training? Where is our production bottle neck?

Do you spend hours updating reports?

Imagine if you had the latest reports and insights with 1 click. Imagine what you would do with that time and energy! Imagine how many MORE times you would see the information, and how much quicker you can resolve issues.

Sick of having almost ZERO information on production?

Your whole enterprise exists to run production. Without production data, management is forced to rely on guess and check, heuristics, and wait and see. Time to go on the offensive!

"Prior to Steelhead we didn’t know where we were making money, and where the profits weren’t."

Now we have implemented Steelhead and track the inputs all the way through the plant we know what is profitable, what isn't, and exactly what our margins are.

Dana Schnepf, DK