Steelhead Cyber Security Posture 


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Databases are completely backed up monthly, with partial (delta) backups made hourly. On-going transactions are backed up in real-time to support point-in-time recovery from backups.
All data is stored in the USA with computing and data storage infrastructure compliant to ITAR, NIST, CMMC, FIPS, EAR, and many other standards.
All data exchanged within the Steelhead database is encrypted, including all data exchanged with accounting software.
Protect your data at the source with granular user access and permission controls for each Steelhead domain. The Steelhead platform enables the configuration of granular user access and permission controls at the customer domain level.
Designed for ITAR, CMMC, NIST compliance. Steelhead is committed to achieving ITAR, CMMC, and NIST compliance through vetted policies, employee training, and meeting all physical and logical infrastructure requirements of these compliance standards.
Access to Steelhead is currently restricted to North America. 100% of Steelhead Employees and Cyber Consultants are US citizens.
Usage of the platform is actively logged and monitored by Karhu Cyber, who also performs vulnerability and compliance scanning to ensure adherence to current NIST, CMMC, and ITAR standards.
Cyber Security is a continual project and Steelhead is investing heavily in domain and enterprise enhancements. Steelhead is ITAR registered and designed for NIST compliance.