Eliminate Phone Calls and Paper

Notify customers that parts are ready with a single tap, eliminating tens of phone calls per week. No paper means no more staples, carbon copies, scanning, file management, and other headaches.

Save Time

When shipping has everything they need on a single device, customers can be notified and orders can be shipped at lightning speed. When customers need copies, they can be quickly found, and then printed/sent.

Impress Customers

Customers expect everything in real-time. They will love your real time order status updates, as well as your impressive looking custom shipper with photos of your beautiful packing.

Digital Shipments in Steelhead

Eliminate printed packing slips and offer real-time order information for employees on the go in your shipping and trucking dashboards.


Constantly on the phone with customers to let them know when work is done?

Send customer a simple note with a list of parts ready for pickup. Time to end the phone calls.

Spending time printing, scanning, and finding shippers?

Running your shipping on a single digital platform eliminates ALL time spent printing, writing, scanning, delivering, finding, searching, and storing shippers. It is time to automate this cost driver!

Are your shippers fully integrated to production/invoicing?

Cross search in Steelhead allows you to immediately find all related documentation from a job with cross reference search.


Spending time disputing shipping records with customers?

When you have impeccable and easy-to-find documentation of every part that leaves your building, you are able to quickly settle any questions about what did/did not happen in your plant.

Revolutionize Logistics with Steelhead Shipping

Schedule Shipping Bays with Precision: Seamlessly schedule and allocate shipping bays, ensuring that every shipment is assigned the right space at the right time, minimizing delays and maximizing throughput.

Diverse Management Options: Whether it's customer pickups, 3rd party carriers, or internal trucking, Steelhead empowers you to effortlessly manage all your transportation methods in one place to save time, reduce errors, and boost overall efficiency.

Optimize Trucking Like Never Before: Experience better load management and logistics planning with the ability to strategically optimize your trucking operations.

Single Signature Delivery: Simplify the delivery process with a single confirmation that covers it all, ensuring a smooth and convenient delivery experience for both your team and recipients.

Delivery Insights and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your delivery performance with comprehensive analytics that allows you to track, analyze, and continually refine your shipping strategies for optimal results.

Effortless Packing Slip Management: Sign and move multiple packing slips with ease by consolidating actions and reducing administrative overhead, ensuring accurate and swift packing slip processing.

Enhanced Trucking Dashboard: Access a comprehensive overview of all shipments that need to go out and mark them as shipped, all from one centralized location in the Trucking Dashboard.

Enhanced Invoicing Insights: Know exactly which orders and packing slips were delivered together with date and time references, facilitating accurate and efficient billing processes.

"The paper shuffle was a hinderance before Steelhead."

Now our customers receive digital copies of shipping notifications, packing lists, invoices, and certifications.

Kevin Wedge, Pro Powder