Hire & Train with Ease

Provide detailed, digital instructions for your team to guarantee quality and customer satisfaction, making onboarding new team members a breeze. 

Real-Time Access & Visibility

Check on the progress of your facility, create shipping documents, and monitor quality from anywhere with mobile access to real-time data.

Workforce Management

Know exactly which jobs are profitable and which workers are the best in their roles to acknowledge and celebrate their efforts or reassign tasks.

Working on the shop floor, you strive for excellence and efficiency in your daily operations. Steelhead is designed to support your goals and make your job easier, providing tools that enhance profitability, career growth, and workload management. Here’s how:

1. Profitability Boost and Results 

Achieve recognition and celebrate your successes with data-driven insights and improved performance metrics with Data and Analytics, Recognition for Achievements, and Share Improved Results.

2. Career Growth Opportunities 

Position yourself as an industry thought leader and advance your career with powerful tools and insights with Industry Visibility, Control and Insights, and Operator History/Tracking.

3. Ease of Workload Burden 

Streamline workflows, improve communication, and reduce the strain of daily tasks with our innovative solutions with Workflow Streamlining, Delegation Tools, and Quality Assurance.

Transform your production management experience with our software solution, designed to help you achieve your goals and excel in your role. 

Easy Access Provides Work Confidence

"Steelhead is very easy to use. It's easy for even a new guy like me that came in a month ago to confidently come in and get my work done throughout the day."


Saves Not Only Time, But Sanity

Lab Lead, Amelia, shares her experience going from handwriting processes for quality control to going paperless to save time and sanity.

Paperless Certs & Specs

"We needed to have collective data in one spot, paper just didn't make sense anymore."

Worried your team won't be able to learn a new tool?

You’re not alone. That is why we designed Steelhead’s job shop software to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, training Operators in just 10-minutes! Access the icon-based dashboard to eliminate translation concerns and utilize our FAQ training docs anytime. 

Afraid of workflow hiccups caused by a new ERP?

You have orders to process and quality to maintain, don’t let another clunky old ERP system interfere. With Steelhead, you’ll have a streamlined approach and access to moving parts on your production floor in just two weeks!

Wondering if this will add work to your already full load?

We are serious about efficiency and how to optimize automation to make it work for you, not against you. Contact our sales team for a time savings analysis and they will uncover all areas with a soft and hard dollar return when you leverage Steelhead’s visibility, job costing, and reporting features.

Are you hesitant to learn another new software?

Our Deployment Engineers will be with you every step of the way to streamline your software implementation and training process. Take advantage of Steelhead University to learn more about how to use the software and access a live Customer Support representative when you need it most.

"All of the drawings are right in Steelhead."

Everything I need is on a computer screen.

Nicolette McDonnell, Production Manager of Beans Best Manufacturing