Managing Certs & Specs in Steelhead

"Certifications are just so easy now. Making a cert is literally just button clicking."

ISO 9001 Software for Job Shops

Digitizing the Nadcap process saves time and energy while increasing accuracy.

Steelhead's Certification Scanner Revolutionizes the Aerospace Manufacturing Software Space

With this cutting-edge tool, training your operators becomes a breeze, as they can become proficient in its usage within minutes.

The Certification Scanner acts as a guide within the aerospace manufacturing software, leading operators through each step of the process, ensuring improved quality for your ISO 9001 certifications, and much more. What sets it apart is its seamless integration with your job shop software, eliminating the need for any manual data entry of processing times or recipes. This not only saves valuable time but also eliminates the risk of errors and enhances overall efficiency.

With 100% traceability, you can effortlessly track and monitor every aspect of operations, ensuring compliance and peace of mind. Additionally, the tool enables you to process multiple parts and work orders for multiple customers simultaneously, further enhancing productivity and maximizing throughput.

Incorporating Steelhead's real-time scheduling capabilities, the Certification Scanner seamlessly provides up-to-date and accurate information to optimize production. This integration ensures that you can effectively manage resources, plan production schedules, and stay ahead of deadlines effortlessly.

Finally, the Certification Scanner offers automated custom certifications based on process times. By leveraging this feature, you can effortlessly generate certifications tailored to your specific requirements, saving valuable time and resources.

Save Time 

Automatically route specification inputs in workflow to collect key quality inputs. Drive specifications based on part number or treatment. Generate beautiful custom certifications in a few clicks. 

Eliminate Paper 

Digital from start to finish. No paper travelers, no word docs, no pdf on servers. One streamlined system integrated with the rest of your operations. 

Show off a world class quality system 

Put your best foot forward with customers and auditors alike. Build reputation, trust, and perceived quality with fully digital systems and document management. 

Managing Specifications in Steelhead

Leverage specifications in Steelhead to enhance profitability by minimizing quality issues. Empower operators to make informed decisions and leverage data-driven insights with digital specification management.

Tired of using multiple systems?

With all part, order, specification, inventory, and quality data in one system, you can eliminate time spent building certifications by hand, with data pulled from multiple sources. 

No insights from your quality data? 

With all of that valuable data collected on paper or in pdfs and documents, you have no ability to leverage that information for quality management. With Steelhead you can report, trend, and monitor data from certifications just like any other data in the system! 

Does creating certifications take too much time? 

Copy word doc, change title, enter info, check inventory item expiration, convert to pdf, change revision, sign, send to customer, store, reference at a later time…. All of this can be eliminated in a streamlined integrated system.  

Do customers perceive your shop as a quality leader? 

When customers ask how you manage specifications or if they can have a certain certification, you will be thrilled to show of how you can address this in Steelhead and you will stand out from the competition! 

“While utilizing Steelhead we have increased visibility in all areas of our process, this includes remote and offsite visibility. Stand-alone quality, inventory, labeling paperwork are now built into our production process in Steelhead.  That opens the door for much more detailed job tracking, job costing and reporting…all done using built-in, real-time reports from Steelhead.” 

Kevin Wedge, Pro Powder