Benefits of running your thermal spray job shop on Steelhead

Reporting and Profitability 
Thermal spray service providers can track the time each employee spends preparing and executing each step in the process, allowing you to closely monitor job costing and profitability. Use this data to make informed changes to pricing and keep your profit margins in check. Plug any leaks in your labor expenses with data. You name it, Steelhead can report on it in real-time! 
Capacity Planning and Scheduling 
Manage production schedules from a single live platform with capacity planning. Batch production for maximum efficiency and adapt schedules in real-time to react to customer demands. 

Quoting and Estimating 
Stop getting lost in spreadsheets when you estimate jobs in seconds via custom estimation algorithms that quote based on your specific process. Quickly generate a beautiful quote and send it directly to the customer in 1 click, while tracking open rates, conversion rates, and other sales data! 

"I will keep things simple for you, before steelhead we were a break even company and not making much money...... and now...... I'm a millionaire!"

Going Paperless with Steelhead's Industrial Coatings ERP

A Thermal Spray Provider faced several challenges in their operations: 

  • Manual Processes: Before Steelhead, many of their processes, including quoting, invoicing, and quality management, were manual and time-consuming. 
  • Quality Control: They lacked effective tools to track and manage quality issues, resulting in many parts being put on hold due to quality concerns. 
  • Tracking & Communication: The real-time tracking of parts in the shop and communication to administrative staff for internal and external updates wasted time.

With Steelhead, they were able to automate the cert process, savings three days of work. They also have an integrated QMS to stay on top of quality management.

"Steelhead helps us identify and address quality issues proactively with integrated QMS. Our cert management went from three whole days to just a few minutes! We're loving it."

Thermal Spray Shop in Texas