A Training Experience

The Steelhead Hatchery is a fully immersive and miniaturized manufacturing plant that allows for hands-on, in-person exploration of the Steelhead platform. A Steelhead expert will lead an engaging and productive day for your team while targeting the specific goals and questions most important for your plant!

Unlike traditional ERP demos and sandbox environments that provide a mere glimpse into capabilities, the Steelhead Hatchery offers a full-scale playground where employees, prospective partners, and new customers can immerse themselves in the revolutionary manufacturing ERP platform. It simulates the real-life experience that job shops across the country will have with the job shop software, ensuring a deep understanding of its exponential power.

The Hatchery is comprised of nine stations that mimic the various steps of typical metal finishing plant processes. This gives the Operator an opportunity to receive a deep understanding of the physical application and software execution of each process. Steelhead has revolutionized the training experience by providing a realistic demonstration of the capabilities of each feature to support visual, physical, and social learning styles.

The Hatchery is available at no cost. The Hatchery is open to existing customers, customers who are currently in deployment, or folks who are simply looking to better understand how Steelhead might fit their business! 



Dive Into Steelhead with Confidence

Begin with the end in mind. Use the Steelhead Hatchery to build and iterate on what Steelhead will do for your plant. See the end product and brainstorm ideas on exciting improvement opportunities!

Train Leaders and Team Members

Ensure a successful launch by having your key team members fully understand all critical aspects of Steelhead's job shop software and the power of fully integrated tools designed with custom automation.

Explore New Ideas in a Collaborative Environment

Take some time away from the daily grind to sharpen the saw. Explore new concepts and tools in detail, brainstorm applications and new approaches, and get the team excited to grow the business!

Are your stakeholders skeptical?

Make them heard. Provide a hands-on “let me try it” environment where each feature is demonstrated in detail, without the conversations that seem to go in circles in the conference room or video tutorial.

Has it been awhile since your team had an off-site?

Empower your workforce. Your team will appreciate the focus on their professional growth and the company will benefit from their new capabilities!

"This was a great experience."

The Hatchery helped us to really understand how the software flows with the product and how everything is tracked.

Jason Buske, Out Of The Blue Finishing