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D&K Powder and Steelhead, a powerful partnership

D&K Powder has enjoyed "explosive" profitability improvements with the Steelhead Platform. Learn how!

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Quoting and POs in Steelhead

  • Never lose a quote again
  • Boost sales with FAST quotes
  • Improve profit with better pricing
  • Eliminate time asking around for quote status
  • Train office staff to do heavy lifting of quoting
  • Improve customer service
  • Eliminate ALL data re-entry

Running Production in Steelhead

  • Train operators in 3 minutes
  • Operator instruction
  • Streamlined execution

Shipping & Invoicing in Steelhead

  • Save time
  • Impress customers
  • No more lost paper

Reporting in Steelhead

  • Unlock data 
  • Automate reports 
  • Make better decisions, faster

Job Costing in Steelhead

  • Improve profitability
  • Grow your business
  • Empower your sales team
  • Retain customers with fair pricing

Using Racks in Steelhead

  • Process multiple PNs, and work orders with 1 click
  • Group production across processes and customers
  • Improve operator experience
  • Capture all cost/production data at the part level 

Rework in Steelhead

  • Seamlessly handle rework without disrupting work flow
  • Track the extra cost associated with rework
  • Monitor rework plant wide
  • Train operators and fix processes associated with rework

Capacity Planning & Scheduling in Steelhead

  • Real time capacity plan informs staffing, scheduling, and lead time
  • Improve profit by grouping orders in production
  • Provide the floor with a definitive work schedule